Creating Wedding Gift Baskets

If you are having troubles finding the perfect gift for the bride and groom, it is time to resort to the ultimate gift. A gift basket. Although it sounds bland and not exciting in the least bit, gift baskets can actually turn out to be amongst the bride and grooms favorite gifts. Below is some great ideas for the perfect wedding gift basket.

Snack Basket

You can never go wrong with creating a food basket for your bride and groom as everyone has to eat. Chances are if you are attending the wedding, you know the bride and groom enough to have an idea of what they enjoy eating on a daily basis. This makes creating your snack basket a whole lot easier. Anything like muffins, homemade pies, mini-cakes and candies will surely win over the heart of the bride and the stomach of the groom.

Alcohol Frenzy

A large variety of weddings all end up with a reception following the ceremony. At the reception you will find music, food, a large group of friends and most importantly, the alcohol. If you are looking to help towards the funding of the alcohol, why not start by creating a booze basket? Because of the variety of people at the wedding you should always add in different types of alcohol such as tequila, vodka, champagne and rum. To really make it the perfect basket, you can even add in some margarita mix or strawberry daiquiri blends.

(Small) Gift Basket

If you are looking to create a basket in which the items you cannot consume, try making one full of small gifts. You can buy items such as perfumes (for the bride), cologne (for the groom), jewelry, movies, basically whatever you think the couple will enjoy. Once you have all of the smaller gifts picked out, you can start deciding on the decorations of the basket. Maybe add decorative paper in between the gifts or flowers?